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Wolf Pack Leadership Testimonials

Some of the testimonials we have received from Wolf Pack course attendees


"Superb delivery with varied activities and engagement.  Fantatic alphabet sharing words of inspiration.  Very memorable and practical."

Alison Kitchman (Partner at Taylor Bracewell Solicitors, Doncaster)

"Thoroughly enjoyed all of it.  It gets an excellent message home in an extremely digestible manner." 

Sharon Beck (Partner at Taylor Bracewell Solicitors, Doncaster)

"A totally unique way of exploring and dissecting leadership with very useful practical tips throughout."

Phil Crawley (Taylor Bracewell Solicitors)

"Very well prepared and ingenious"

Stephen Coates (Taylor Bracewell Solicitors)

"Lots of thought provoking and interesting ideas with implications both inside and outside work.  

The course was very different to a lot of other management/leadership courses I've been on.  A really useful and interesting day."

Peter Riddleston (Lawnet)

"Really good. A day well spent. Great way to look at leadership from a different perspective. Valuable learning experience."

Kath Baker (Growth Accelerator)


"A very enjoyable and informative course.

Well presented by both and you clearly have a vast knowledge.  Thank you"

Georgia Dodson (Bright and Beautiful)

"This course has made a huge impact on me and has given me more direction.

Mel & Gill made this an amazing experience. Their knowledge and passion is infectious."

Colette Smith

"Such an interesting day which has made me think about so many aspects of life. It was brilliant. Thank you so much."

Hannah Bailey

"Enjoyable, infomative, enlightening and thought-provoking" 

Neil Duckmanton

"I thought the balance of theory and activities was just right. Interaction without intimidation.

Thank you for a special and inspiring day.      It has given me the confidence to move forward with strength and positivity and to continue being true to myself."


"I liked the way that the video clips were concise and to the point with time in between for discussion and questions.

As a therapist I'm often guiding and supporting people in their own development whilst neglecting my own.  This has made me reflect on the fact I need to pay me and my development attention."

Denise Nosratiwolf pack leadership courses

"Excellent course. Lots of material. Energetic persentation between Mel & Gill who work well as a Pack."

Sue Warner

"Thought provoking & entertaining. Lots of 'awww' moments (like baby wolves learning to howl). Lots of things relating to the business world and also to leading a team. Fascinating and Enlightening"

Janet Dalton

"This course has given me the belief in myself to go forward into my dreams. It has helped me to realise to let go of that which I have no control over."

D McKenna

"A refreshing way to look at leadership from a different perspective." 

Rachel Kent

I liked the fact it was a small group and everyone was welcomed, greeted and introduced in a friendly way.

I've realised that I control my future and health"

Nicky Gulley-Brown



"A course designed for anyone, whether you are a leader now or aspire to be a leader or simply want to improve relationships with family and friends."

John Heslop (4Networking Regional Leader)

"Fascinating insight into the wolf pack and an inspired way of passing on the innate wisdom of the pack.  Wonderful stuff.  The world needs more of this."

Liz Burton (Hypnotherapist)

"This was a really interesting course and I can now see that adopting the principles of the pack into the workplace can only be a positive thing."

Michael Pace (Andrew & Co Solicitors)

"A fantastic day.  I've come away feeling inspired and energised."

Becky Gorman

"A great tool for life."

Karen Nixson

"Although I was nervous at first felt the atmosphere soon relaxed me.  

 Very interesting and informative - game me much 'food for thought'. 


"I think the balance was spot on and I am, personally, a trained tutor/trainer.

Tina Parker (Access Training)

"I've had a true lightbulb moment.  It was a brilliant balance of 'doing' and listening." 

Veronica Dennant

"I feel very relaed, focused and grounded for the first time in a long time.  The commitment to change was a great idea as it helps us to focus on what we are actually taking from the course to move forward."

Heather Duncan

"Great content and passion."

Sarah Wallace

"I liked the practical acitivities and how they linked in the Wolf Alphabet.  Plenty of time to talk openly and great instructors.

Lunch was fab too!"

Jayne Hall

"Enjoyed all aspects of course. Can be applied across all aspects of life."

Jen Ward

"Very motivational. Was really enjoyable and really had got me thinking."

Carla Young

"Such an insightful and informative day out of the office, spending time on 'me' whilst also learning practical tools for the work team environment. I particularly enjoyed the practical tips for our 'personal toolkit'. I feel armed! - 5 stars!"

Lizzie Jordan

"Love the combination of both your energies  and expertise. Fantastic booklet and thanks so much for the gift."

Sally Canning

"I love this course. I now feel I have the tools to go out and pursue the life I want."

Jeanne Handley

"All information was excellent and I will be making some changes to my life and the things I do... especially time management" 

G. M.

"Thoroughly enjoyable and extremely useful. I implemented into my life straight away, both at home with kids, dogs & husband and also in my business life."

S. O.

"Very interesting talking about importance of the Omega."

Nic Hetherington

"I feel moved and enlightened by some of the information provided and I know it will be of great use."

Ruth Sutcliffe

"Looking forward to seeing how my thoughts and practices will impact on my life over the next year!  It certainly made me think about ME!"


"It has sparked off lots of thoughts and ideas particularly about the ways it might be helpful for children & adults who are survivors of abuse."

Cath Wakeman






"Great seeing how the pack hierachy can be very similar to a company structure"

Lee Wright

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, learned many new things, thought provoking.

Inspirational, thank you."

Carol Burkitt

"Very practical sessions.  Loved the analogies with the wolves.  This made it very immediate and accessible. " 

Alison Turner

“Really useful stuff with a unique approach. Great delivery, great insight. Helped me recognise some of my own strengths and weaknesses that were 'lurking' within". Thanks a million." 

Vikky Clarke

"Great course, really useful and interesting information. Delivered in a fashion that will have more impact longterm than other 'leadership course' because of relating it to something living and practical (in the wolf pack). Thank you to you both for a great experience." 

Suzy Walgate

"One of the best investments I've made in myself for myself for the benefit of myself and others. Hugely enjoyable! I would recommend to anyone!"  

David Kirk

"This course was very worthwhile. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting a fresh approach to management/leadership."

Naomi Johnson

"Very informative with good ideas about managing all aspects of leadership. Would recommend ths course to my colleagues."

Nicola Webster

"Interesting and informative. Induced reflection on how I am within family group - feel this will continue. Easy atmosphere - and room for open and friendly discussion"

Becky Lewis

"Having seen Mel’s presentation it does show you that this Intelligent, Superior Species, we allegedly are, has not quite got it right and how much we can learn a thing or two about our lives and society as a whole from the animal world about us. Eye opening, yet so obvous once you hear it."

Dominque Emmans (Complete Catering Service)

“What a lovely day! Great ladies with an infectious passion." 

Janette Welsh

"Format is fantastic.

Second time on the course and now I can see how the course can be applied to my business, not just personal improvement.


Wolf Pack Leadership Testimonials