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wolf pack leadership raining courses for businesses

Leadership Course Packages for Businesses


Our 2 hour course is designed to introduce the concept and outline the skills involved in leadership, inc materials.



The One Day course is more comprehensive & allows further study and exploration of leadership and how to attain those skills, inc materials.


Testimonials from some recent business course delegates:

"Superb delivery with varied activities and engagement. Fantastic alphabet sharing words of inspiration.  Very memorable and practical." 

Alison Kitchman (Taylor Bracewell Solicitors, Doncaster)

"A totally unique way of exploring and dissecting leadership with very useful practical tips throughout."

Phil Crawley (Taylor Bracewell Solicitors, Doncaster)

"I enjoyed watching the behaviour of the wolves plus all the group discussions, and how the wolf pack structure can be beneficial to our business."

Andrew Mann (AMP-Rose Engineers, Gainsborough)

"Really good.  A day well spent. Great way to look at leadership from a different perspective.  Valuable learning experience."

Kath Baker (Growth Accelerator)

"Fantastic & empowering. Very, very interesting and eye opening." 

Tim Mould (The Nottingham Building Society, Nottingham)



This course enables delegates to attain

The skills of being a good leader

Improved business relationships

Stronger teams

More effective internal/external communication

Focus to achieve their goals

Ways to remain calm in all situations

Confidence to move forward

Techniques to inspire and motive others

The ability to resolve disputes amicably

For more information about how you can invest in your people and help them to shine, contact us.